Friday, 9 May 2014

Get a radiant look with a speedy recovery at Impressions Medispa

There is always an inferior feeling if you see someone with healthy and clear skin. With time, many signs appear on the skin due to sun and dust exposure. You try to hide it with various cosmetics to enhance your look but the effect stays for very short duration. To get complete freedom from the patches, pigmentation, wrinkles large pores, sun damage and broken capillaries Photo facial skin rejuvenation treatment is the optimum approach.

How it helps in treating the skin?
It is a gentle treatment of applying a series of light to the affected area. The intense pulse light penetrates to the deepest level of the skin to kill bacteria and boost collagen for a healthy skin. At Impessions Medispa care is taken to apply painless techniques and make you relax and cool after the treatment. The only thing you will feel is flawless and smooth skin.

Are there any side effects of the procedure?
The only minor effects like swelling, redness and discomfort takes place and that is also temporary. We serve our clients with those techniques only that are highly reliable in producing the natural effect.

There is another technique that is long time favorite at our spa with minimal downtime is Pixel Laser Treatment. The removal of stretch marks, folded skin and deep wrinkles, skin tightening and improving skin tone are some dramatic changes that will be visible after the treatment. The procedure involves creating thousands of microscopic perforations under the skin allowing skin to heal rapidly and improving natural skin tone. It also stimulates new collagen growth and fights against the fine lines.

Our revolutionary skin treatment aims to look you healthier and look younger. For a radiant glow and shrink pores and wrinkles from your skin contact us today. On meeting with you we would analyze your skin and provide you the treatment as per the need. We understand the value of your appearance and make best efforts to make it appealing. You can send us enquiry on the email id provided on the website.

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